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Quality Policy

The most important aspect in rice and food grain manufacturing is the quality control. Stringent quality control is essential to meet the highest quality standards we strive for. Right from the selection of seeds for growing to delivery of rice to end customer, we take effective quality control measures to maintain desired characteristics in the product. A highly technical, qualified and dedicated team of professionals form a formidable back-up at Niryat Shree to ensure an unimpeded flow of goods and services in precision to the discerning buyer. All operations are constantly monitered and managed by this finely honed and experienced group, which ensures that the company retains and excels further in building up its reputation.

During the process of production every care is taken to retain the natural contents of aromatic fragrance of Basmati Rice. The modern machinery used in the manufacturing process and our experience helps us in delivering the best quality basmati rice to our customers. We are constantly striving to develop new techniques and processes to further improve the quality of rice that is packed and sent all over the world. We have very qualified analysts for checking our quality. Our labs are fully equipped with all testing modern equipments. We don't use any chemical in boiler, so that quality should not be degraded and purity should be maintained. We analyse our machines on hourly bases to maintain the quality. We use modern automatic machines in our plants. We follow two steps process:Removing husk and removing bran are done separately and brown rice is produced as an intermediate product. Then it is polished.

After milling this rice we pass it through sortex machines which we have imported from England. This machine polishes the grain again and removes any non-white grains from it. After all this process the resultant is the best rice quality in the world – 1121 Steam. We are proud to call it as our product. 1121 Basmati Rice is exported around the world because of its unique taste and texture.

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